Please read these important details.
Welcome to our sale! I hope you are all excited to start  adding these adorable little rosettes to your collection. Before you start, please read below for important details about what to expect in our sale. 

1. We charge a one-time shipping fee of $5 (or $8 for priority) for any amount of mini succulents you purchase during this sale. A listing will be provided after 6pm where you can pay for this fee ahead of time, otherwise we will send you an invoice after the sale is over. 
*At checkout, please select “Free Shipping” so you don’t get overcharged each time. 

2. Checkout as you go! Just like last year, these minis will go fast. So, checkout as you go to avoid your in cart succulents from selling out. 

3.  These mini plants are small! Each vary in size anywhere between 0.5 inches to 1.5 inches. Most have plenty of roots, so you don’t have to worry so much about keeping them happy. 

3. Prices will start at $5, and most will be at $5. A few rare ones will be over that price. 

4. We ship within US only. Sorry, but we cannot ship internationally at the moment. 

Echeveria Pink MandelaEcheveria Pink Mandela
Graptoveria MamamiGraptoveria Mamami