Echeveria Candy Wright (imported & genuine)
Rare Korean Imported Succulent. 
This is a genuine Candy Wright created by Dick Wright and imported from South Korea. The Wright Nursery exports hundreds of hybrids to many parts of the world to be reproduced. This hybrid is not common in any part of the world, but we’ve managed to find a nursery in Korea that carries these. It can display vibrant pinks under optimal conditions (lots of light, low water, cool to warm temps) throughout the year. 

Our first imported Candy Wright, and costs us more than receiving it from the Wrights because of the overseas shipping cost. The last two photos show other Candy Wrights received from Wright Nursery. The young leaves vary from small ripples to large ripples. The large ripples are more evident once the rosette matures. 
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Echeveria Can CanEcheveria Can Can
New Unnamed DW HybridNew Unnamed DW Hybrid
Echeveria Trumpet PinkyEcheveria Trumpet Pinky
Echeveria Pink CrystalEcheveria Pink Crystal
New Unnamed DW HybridNew Unnamed DW Hybrid