Changhee Succulent Bundle
Rare Imported Korean Succulent. 
A beautiful bundle of popular Changhee Succulent hybrids. This bundle includes all plants pictured: Echeveria Snow Shower (Lola x Laui), Echeveria Colorata x Sarahime, Echeveria Amazing Grace (Hyalina x Laui), and a double-head Echeveria Conari (Colorata x Nari). 
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Echeveria WS-1 (unknown)Echeveria WS-1 (unknown)
Echeveria Chocolate BerryEcheveria Chocolate Berry
Echeveria Vivace by HwagaEcheveria Vivace by Hwaga
Graptoveria Happy DayGraptoveria Happy Day
Echeveria PachoEcheveria Pacho