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Photo Credit: Merhava. (17 Oct 2017). Hwaga Succulent Farm. Retrieved from

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Our goal: We are currently accepting donations to help us improve this page. Our ultimate goal is to create a separate website devoted to providing an all-in-one sourcing, gathering, sharing of information for new and rare succulents. This will help avid collectors to find reliable information regarding parentage of cultivars and legitimacy of American names for Korean cultivars. In addition, we hope to expand and create an online community where collectors can connect and share knowledge. 100% of donations will go towards our goal. We really hope to expand this area of our website, tailored for your succulent needs, so we would greatly appreciate your help to make this happen. 

 Why are we asking for donations? Building a large database is expensive, time-consuming, and requires coding expertise. To accomplish our mission, we require funding that cannot be achieved through profits of our shop, as we hope Pricklypedia may become a separate entity from PricklyPearGardens. We really hope to keep it free and open for anyone to access. Otherwise, funding will sourced from making it a locked, subscription-based database, and we don't want that! 

What you can get in return:  for donating, we will etch your name/nickname in our Donors page, or let us know if you'd like to remain anonymous (will update our list after 10 donors). For every $50 donation, we give you a free mystery succulent! Patreon with membership rewards coming soon! 

When donating:  please notify Ellie via Instagram messaging, GroupMe messaging, or email: after donating each time. Paypal does not notify us and separate our funding (we do it manually), so many of the donations can become buried among our regular transactions.For every $50 donation, we give you a free imported plant! 

 Please note we are not a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations are not tax deductible.

Current Objectives: 

  1.  Create a stand-alone website 
  2.  Add pictures to every hybrid 
  3.  Create an info page for each hybrid 
  4.  Add a community forum