Our Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered for You 

What care do you recommend? 

Light & Temp Requirements: We recommend 8-12 hours of direct light with a combination of 40F-70F temperature to bring out those beautiful colors. Provide partial shade or filtered sunlight when temps reach 75F or above during the warmer seasons. Some succulents can withstand as low as 20F, but experiment with caution as lower temperatures can cause frost damage.  

Water Requirements: Only water when soil is completely dry. 

Soil Requirements: Use organic, quick-draining soil with a high mixture of pumice, lava rocks, sand, or other porous rock material. Avoid soils that come with fertilizer, chemicals, and other additives. Fertilizing is not necessary (they do just fine without it) but if you choose to do so we recommend using a diluted fertilizer that is balanced at 8-8-8 (4-4-4 is ideal). 

Special Instructions for Indoors: We recommend T5 grow lights with 6500K bulbs for optimal growth. To reduce moisture in soil, use extra quick-draining soil, a circulating fan, and/or pot feet to help aerate the soil so it dries quicker. 

*Care instructions vary for certain species such as Lithops, Conophytums, Mesembs, Cacti, Aeoniums, etc. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Can you hold my shipment? 

Yes! We can hold your shipment for up to 2 weeks only. Please contact us immediately after placing your order as there are times in which we start processing your order as early as 2-3 hours. 

Do you ship to the other countries?

At this time, we do not ship to countries outside of the U.S. We get a ton of requests from other countries and we'd love to fulfill them, however at this time we do not export. We're a small business and cannot handle the added weight of exporting with our busy schedule. Maybe in the future we'll open our doors to other countries :)