February Schedule

updated 2/16/20

Subject to change.

Scheduled Uploads 

 The following is our current schedule : 

 Saturdays at 7pm PST/ 10pm EST: regular upload of new in-stock succulents

Wednesdays at 6pm PST/ 9pm EST: mini upload of new in-stock succulents

DW Hybrids & More & Important Announcement

We've made a huge update to the gibbiflora cultivar list that we hope you'll enjoy! We're currently working on uploading photos on popular and rare frilly succulents, and later we'll work on updating their descriptions. Go here and see for yourself!

If you're currently purchasing or planning to purchase our frilly gibbifloras, please see our recent blog post for an important announcement! Go to "Pricklypedia" on our menu and select the sub tab "News". 

Australia Wildfires Relief Fund

Devastating wildfires have wreaked havoc on Australia's rich biodiversity of wild animals and plants. With 480 million animals killed and counting,  many organizations are working towards rescue, assistance, and recovering the lost population of wild animals and essential forests. In addition, these fires have greatly impacted the lives of Australians whose homes have been burnt down and whose loved ones were injured, lost, or killed. Hope is not lost and you can help Australia continue to fight these wildfires and rescue people and animals. 

Now through February: If you donate any amount to an organization directly participating in the rescue and assistance during these wildfires, we will give you a 20% off coupon code to use for your next order (excluding clearance items). If you donate more than $50, we will give you 30% off coupon code. No proof is necessary because we will honor it in good faith. All you have to do is message us your first name, the amount you donated, and let us know if you'd like to stay anonymous. We will gather a list of donors to showcase the total amount donated by our succulent community.

*The offered promotion expires Feb 29th and the coupon code is valid until March 31th. Discount code excludes our clearance section items to avoid confusion with our B3G1 free  discount.

Below is a list of organizations we can recommend. We are not affiliated with any of these organizations, and we do not prioritize one over the other. We encourage you to do a little research before deciding which organization you'd like to donate directly to, as there are other helpful organizations that are not listed. 

For rescue and assistance of wildlife:

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

RSPCA New South Wales

Australian Koala Foundation

Koalas in Care Inc.

World Wildlife Fund


For rescue and assistance of the people of Australia:

Australia Red Cross


Salvation Army Australia

St. Vincent de Paul Society

NSW Rural Fire Service

Important News from Previous Months

In case you've missed important news!

Shipping Prices 

Shipping prices are increasing nationwide, again, and the participating shipping providers may include USPS. 

 Will our prices go up? In short answer, no. Our prices will remain the same as they've ever been. 


However, to allow us to prevent our prices from going up due to the increased shipping costs, we will change the way we package our plants. We will no longer stock our white corrugated mailers, and we will discontinue our methods of double-boxing packages. We will switch to a lower cost structure that will still maintain a safe transit between our garden to yours. We may have already begun this switch, as some of you may notice a difference in our packaging as we continue to phase out our remaining inventory of costly mailers. 

 Please let us know if you start to notice significant damage on any of your packages. *Significant meaning the damage has penetrated and caused damage on the plants. We take extra precautions to prevent this from happening, but some things are out of our control. So, we would appreciate this feedback to help us devise a better solution. 

New Clearance Section launched since December!

We have a new section of our shop called Clearance where we offer imported or locally grown succulents for super low prices! The best part is if you buy 3 of our clearance plants we give you one for free one! Shop now>>

Dick Wright Hybrids  

A new page dedicated to Dick Wright is still under construction, but we've published it to let you see what we're working on :) This page will feature all of his masterpiece hybrids along with new, unheard of hybrids. In addition, we'll include all the ruffled Dick Wright lookalikes that are must-haves. 

Go to Dick Wright's page now >>

 We're currently making plans to have Dick Wright hybrids and other ruffled hybrids consistently available in our shop. Many of these hybrids will be available in very limited quantities due to the rarity and slow-growing nature of these plants. A few trickle in every so often and sell out fast! Make sure you check out our regular uploads. 

Introducing Afterpay 

 We now offer Afterpay as an alternative payment for those of you with exquisite taste but, like me, don't want to spend $$$ all at once. Afterpay provides you the opportunity to purchase those ultra rares you've been dying to add to your collection and be able to spread out the cost. 

 It's very easy to set up an account and you can link your debit card or bank accounts to automatically pay your due balance. Your purchases are split into 4 payments due every 2 weeks (with the first payment due at checkout), and they never charge you for interest if you pay on time. 

 If you're interested in how it works or considering creating an account, I highly encourage you to click on the logo below to learn more.