Wrinkling leaves

  • For Echeveria- I learned recently I was underwatering from some wrinkled leaves (that was the census on the Facebook post, anyway). Even with more watering, the wrinkles haven't gone away. Do I water more? How long do the wrinkles take to go away? Or do they? Thanks! Oh, and they're in Bonsai Jack gritty mix. 🙂

  • @Bridgette Tamburello Are the wrinkled leaves only the very bottom ones or the top too? If the top center leaves are firm and not wrinkled, sometimes the bottom leaves will be consumed as part of the natural process.

  • @Nancy Perez Hi Nancy! They started at the bottom, but have moved up to about the middle.  The center and new growth look great and healthy. She's also blooming, so maybe that's taking its toll? Here's a picture, so you have an idea. 

  • @Bridgette Tamburello ooh she's pretty! I see what you mean, it definitely could be that the bloom is using up a lot of it's energy. The center looks really healthy though! Do you know if it has a large root system already or does it still have small roots or still developing roots?

  • @Nancy Perez Thank you! She's my favorite, can't get over how pretty she is! Which is why I'm maybe a little over stressed. Lol. 
    She's been planted here about 2 months or so. I think her root system is strong, when I give a little tug there's no give at all! 
    I've been so nervous about over watering that it makes sense I underwatered. I did a deep water and let the pot soak for a bit 4 days ago. Haven't seen any change yet though. Should I water more frequently for awhile until she plumps up again? And thank you for input, greatly appreciate it! 🙂

  • @Bridgette Tamburello it's hard to say if you should water it more frequently...it really depends on your climate, are you having high temps and dry weather? For sure I would make sure the soil is completely dry for a few days before you water again, in general it's better to err on the side of underwatering. Succulents are awesome and can survive long droughts!

  • @Nancy I'm currently in the northwest. Been pretty cool and rainy here. Almost of mine are indoor under grow lights. It does seem like it takes awhile for soil to dry (when I mix Bonsai Jack with cactus soil). I bought a moisture meter and either it doesn't work with bonsai jack or it's always dry! Hard to tell sometimes ...

  • I've been told that you have to give them up to a week to fill back out after a good soaking. I had a crown ball that took forever to dewrinkle. I know everyone says it, but just give it some time. I accidentally overwatered because of wrinkly leaves.

  •  @Heather Suarez I totally agree with you on this Heather! Some move incredibly slow and take awhile to soak up and fill its leaves. I also agree that's it better to underwater than overwater, AND that the flower stem could be taking up most of its energy. You're very informative 🙌

    @Bridgette Tamburello, your Echeveria is gorgeous and looks very healthy to me. I've heard that Bonsai jack may dry out too quickly sometimes. Also, I've had trouble with moisture meters in the past so I usually either leave a toothpick, skewer stick, or popsicle stick in the soil. I pull it out every couple of days and water only when the stick is completely dry. Anyway, continue to monitor the moisture level as best you can and give it some time to plump up. 

  • @Heather Suarez @Ellie Herrera Thank you!! Good to have kind of an idea of what to expect. Love the idea of a skewer! I have some, gonna go stick them in now! 😁

  • @Ellie Herrera thank you. I love to research succulents. 

  • @Heather Suarez@Nancy@Ellie Herrera 

    Hi ladies!! I wanted to give an update since there's been such a big change here! So, after I posted here, I started watering about every 7-10 days and let the pot "soak" for around 20-30 minutes. It took a solid month for her to really recover and not have anymore wrinkles. She's happier than ever now! So beautiful! Her color is more pale, not sure if that's because of the weather (it's been hot!) or because she's not stressing over water, but either way I'm happy. She looks so much better! Thank you all again for the great advice. 💙

  • One more pic.. cause she's so pretty!! 😍

  • @Bridgette Tamburello sooo pretty!! Wow! By the way, the pale color can mean: decreased amount of stress and/or it's actively growing (summer season). Either way, it looks happy and healthy 🤗 thanks for sharing! 

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