Echeveria Blush Wine

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Echeveria Can Can
Echeveria Coral (long stem)
Graptopetalum Superbum Variegata (small)
Echeveria R-31
Echeveria Meridian
Echeveria Runyonii Rose
Echeveria Chihuahuaensis (fading variegation)
Echeveria Missing You
Echeveria Red Trump
Echeveria Viva Chile
Echeveria Kisses by Air Magic
Echeveria Culibra
Echeveria Colorata hybrid- large!
Echeveria Pink Dragon
Crassula Gollum Variegata - Ultra Rare
Echeveria Secunda Variegata
Echeveria Heart Choice
Echeveria Changwei
Echeveria Angelinus
Echeveria Pine Rose - Ultra Rare & Large!

Lemesto Mini Planter + Bamboo Dish (5 colors)
72+ Hour Heat Pack

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*Echeveria Bubble Rose
*Echeveria Silk Veil
*Echeveria Simulans Rose + Graptoveria Pretty in Pink
*Echeveria Runyonii Rose

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