DW Hybrids & More: Important Announcement

If you have purchased or plan to purchase gibbiflora hybrids from my shop then this announcement applies to you. 

To start off, I rarely write in my blog anymore because as my small business is growing more and more each day, I'm finding that my time is becoming increasingly more divided into many different tasks. I manage my time very wisely between fulfilling orders, replying to messages, maintaining the plants, maintaining my business presence in social media, ordering new inventory, researching, updating Pricklypedia, updating the new DW Hybrids & More page, participating in other passions of mine, and having some kind of social life and breathing every once in a while. There's always so much to do and I never have enough time in the day. 

Anyways, the following announcement pertains to the increasing amount of messages and requests I get on a daily and weekly basis. I'm currently overwhelmed and it's just me running the small business. I'm not saying to stop messaging me at all. On the contrary, I truly appreciate every message that comes in my inbox because I love talking about plants and I love getting to know you. I'm just trying to give a "reply to all" announcement to answer everyone's questions. That question being "what new DW hybrids do you have available?"  or some other sort of general question. I want everyone to know that I will not be giving out exclusive information or "sneak peeks" of the gibbis (gibbifloras) that I plan to sell in my shop. 

If you want to or plant to buy a gibbi from my shop, please be specific in your message and start the conversation with something like "please let me know if you ever get an Echeveria Boton or Valentine or Etna..." Please be very specific. I will not be giving out "sneak peeks" through private messages because I want everyone to have a fair shot at snatching the newer gibbis I have for sale. I do not want to play favorites. If you see something that was recently sold out or claimed, you can send me a message to request for next one. Although gibbis are in very short supply because they grow incredibly slow and often produce very little pups, I won't promise that I'll fulfill all your requests BUT I will try my very best to find what you're looking for. This might take a while because sometimes there's either a long line of people waiting for the same plant or the plant is so rare that it's difficult to supply. I fulfill requests on a first come, first serve basis. If it has been a while since you've heard from me for a specific plant that you've asked for in the past, please understand that my intention was not to ignore you nor forget about you. Either two things have happened: I have had incredible difficulty sourcing the plant for you OR the request was buried among the many,many requests I write down. I genuinely hope the second hasn't happened for you, and if it has please know that I'm very sorry and I did not mean to make you feel left out. I'm human, not a computer, and I make mistakes. 

Furthermore, if you're new to frills or gibbis and/or you don't know exactly what you're looking for, I have created a new page called "DW Hybrids & More". Go to the "Dick Wright" tab on our menu and select the sub tab "DW Hybrids & More" OR found here! This page is filled with pictures and some information about Dick Wright, Renee O' Connell hybrids and other similar hybrids. It is continuously updated, I still have a ton of work to put in, so keep checking back for new updates! Currently, I'm just working on uploading photos and then I'll begin updating the description to show information like who created it, fun facts, and more. 

Besides that, I will continue to post gibbiflora pictures on my business and personal account. The ones I post on my business account MIGHT be for sale and MIGHT have been spoken for as a special request.  On the other hand, the ones posted on my personal account are mostly from my personal collection are not generally for immediate sale, meaning I'm growing to propagate offspring to sell in the far future). 

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment below and please follow our common courtesy commenting policy before submitting a comment. 

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