DW Hybrids & More: Important Announcement

If you have purchased or plan to purchase gibbiflora hybrids from my shop then this announcement applies to you.  To start off, I rarely write in my blog anymore because as my small business is growing more and more each day, I'm finding that my time is becoming increasingly more divided into many different tasks. I manage my time very wisely between fulfilling orders, replying to messages, maintaining the plants, maintaining my business presence in social media, ordering new inventory, researching, updating Pricklypedia, updating the new DW Hybrids & More page, participating in other passions of mine, and having some...

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Echeveria Ice Cream?

Who can resist such a plumpy, minty Echeveria that blushes pink with induced stress. I find these even more delectable in pairs, or better in trios! But, what if I told you that Echeveria Ice Cream is not Echeveria Ice Cream? Would it change the way you feel about this plant?  Copyright © PricklyPearGardens Let's first address these sugar-coated names. Bubble Rose, Rainbow, Chardonnay, Champagne, Peach Candy, Shaviana Truffles, and Unicorn Poop. That last one wasn't a real cultivar name, but it's commonly used to refer to Cotyledon Orbiculata var Oophylla Variegata. If you don't know what I'm talking about,...

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Welcome to PricklyPearGardens

If you're reading this, I've finally made it! After relentless hours of proofreading, editing, and polishing, I've finally published my website just as I had envisioned it. Although it's far from finished, it's a great start and I'm optimistic about what the future holds for PricklyPearGardens.  Please explore my website and see all the exciting things I've created. One thing I'm sure you'll all enjoy is the "Filter by..." feature for the products in my shop. You'll be able to filter specific categories such as variegated, frilly, chubby, Changhee Succulent, Air Magic Nursery, etc as they become available in my...

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